Pre-pet counsulting

Are you planning to buy puppy and you are not sure about breed or right breeder?

Before you buy puppy you should find answer for lots of questions. Is important to know specified of breed you like. Every breed has different disposition of behaviour, activity level, size and grooming needs. You need to make sure your lifestyle let you fill your dog’s needs.  After you answer all this questions and you pick right breed to fit, you need to find right breeder. Today is hard to find responsible breeder. On market is lots of puppies from puppy mills, backyard breeders, or breeders with no knowledge about breeding.

  1. Pre-pet consulting: I will spend 1 – 1,5 hours with you go over all this questions and help you pick right breed to fit your lifestyle. I will teach you how to recognize responsible breeder and how to pick right puppy, what you need before you bring puppy home. I give you information about training, when to start, method used, tools used and lots of other information.

Cost ……..$ 100 + GST

  1. Breeder visit: I will research and find breeder for you and go with you visit this breeder. I will help you pick puppy.

Cost……..$ 50 + GST/per visit

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