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  1. Karima Afchar says:

    My dog and I have known Michaela for 18 months. She is punctual, reliable, friendly but more than anything else, she knows and loves dogs.

    For close to a year, Michaela walked my Lab in the off-leash area and I completely trusted her with my dog running and playing with other dogs. Before meeting Michaela, my dog was fairly obedient but thanks to Michaela, he behaved even better. From playful and very energetic teenager, he became a very pleasant young adult to be around, under Michaela’s supervision and in her care.

    She is gentle yet firm, patient and always calm around my dog and other dogs, she never gets angry at them, never raises her voice and the dogs listen to her.

    She is very knowledgeable about dogs and their health and she is a source of excellent advice when it comes to dog behavior and eating habits.

    My dog can’t go to the off-leash area anymore (he is not allowed to jump after knee surgery) but he still walks with Michaela who has become over the months one of his best friends.

    I can’t recommend Michaela highly enough, she knows dogs and she cares about them : what more could you ask for?

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